Monday, September 28, 2009

Prison Break Preschool Edition

We had an incident yesterday where my little monkey decided to wander off without telling anyone. He was found just outside of the building and all is well that ends well, but I am still recovering from the feeling of having my child vanish. He's bee cuddled alot yesterday and today by mommy. To lighten the mood, I've decided to finally tell y'all about that time he escaped from daycare..


I may or may not have mentioned before that my little boy is the stereotypical boy. Fully obsessed with trucks, cars, dirt and all things bugs. He must have his McQueen at all times. From the toilet to his bed, a car or truck must be in his hands. At daycare, if there is no truck out when he arrives, he will hound and hound the caregivers until they bring out a truck or car.

One sunny morning this past summer we walked into the yard and there were no trucks, cars, ride-ons or bikes in the play-yard, ditto inside the center. I asked the Center Supervisor what was up with the lack of typical boy centered toys and she responded that she would like my monkey and a couple other stereotypical boys to expand their play, as such she wasn't going to put out any trucks, cars, ride-ons or bikes. "Okay, good luck with that" was my doubtful response. I dropped off monkey and went to the lab

I ended my experiments early that day and instead of enjoying some quiet time to myself, I decided to pick my little monkey up early. I drove over to the daycare, parked the car and walked upto the center. I was a bit confused as it was sunny, definitely past snack time yet the playyard was empty. This is strange I thought to myself, and proceeded to walk into a center that was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. As soon as I was seen, a very frazzled and upset caregiver looked at me and said "I need to talk to you now in the office now". WTF! I thought to myself as I quickly started looking for monkey. All the other caregivers quickly jumped up to say "he's here eating snack, he's OK". Okay, what is going on? I walked into the office and found out:

My child had escaped. He broke out of the daycare.

He had been casing the fences all morning, eyeing the trucks in the other play yard. He had is eye on the prize and all he had to do was figure out how to get that truck. He watched the care givers to figure out their habits, found the smallest gap in the fence - between the building and the end of the fence. Now he just had to wait for the perfect time. It was after nap, when everyone was busy with getting the kids peed and fed. He snuck out of the center into the yard, quickly to the fence before anyone saw him. Squeezed himself between the fence and the building, yeah "I'm in" he thought as he ran to the truck in the other play yard!

Except the caregiver for the other center was watching the whole time and busted his delinquent ass. She brought him back over to his center, freaking everyone out that he had gotten out, hence the quietness. All the children were lectured on the importance of telling someone before they went outside.

Normally I would be quite upset at the situation, but after talking to the caregiver it was very clear that this was not something that had happened before on her watch, she was very upset and was not taking the situation lightly,

This next morning we arrived to the center to find wind chimes on all the doors. You have to love it when your child instigates new policies.

Oh and I asked the Center Supervisor if she was happy about the new ways monkey found to play. She responded that all the trucks, cars, ride-ons and bikes that the center owned would be put out for monkey.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I"m totally frustrated

He had two accidents in less than 2 hours in public. The second one I can take the blame for, as it had been about 1 hour since his last accident. But the first one? I had JUST taken him to the toilet. He swore he didn't have to go. Not even 2 min later he was peeing in middle of the kids book store. Seriously!!! FUCK!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I can't force him to pee and I normally don't get mad at him for having an accident, but he just refuses to give a shit and it is really really really getting under my skin. He has complete control, he knows he's supposed to go potty in the toilet. But he is refusing. I don't want to punish him for having accidents but seriously he needs to indicate to me when he has to go.

I try so hard not to get mad, to not turn this into a power struggle but fuck it is hard.

Friday, September 18, 2009

is it too early for Doritos?

Scholarship application is due Monday. I need to give a rough draft of my proposal to advisor today. I am presenting in Journal club this afternoon and had to present in lab meeting yesterday. I didn't think it would be too hard as I had put a proposal together for my committee meeting earlier this year. Except do you know how hard it it to pair down a 5 page proposal to 1. hard..

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Inspiration or Despiration?

I made a resolution to try and submit something for Scientiae every month as I really do believe that its a most awesome carnival. Unfortunately, due to the crazy semester I have coming up, I am not going to be the most articulate.

Normally every new semester is inspiring. Its usually starting new classes or projects, coming back from some time off so I am relaxed and have "fresh eyes" to look at a problem with.

this semester, not so much. This semester is feeling a bit desperate, but I'm going to try and put a positive spin on it.

Its Canada people, we're straight up here

My SIL is from the "old country" and plays those stupid idiotic old school indian politic games. Me, I suck at them. She drives me fucking banana's. I used to think that she wasn't the brightest bulb in the bunch, but had a good heart. Now I think she's a total selfish bitch. Which really really sucks because I can not be fake. At all. If I don't like you, I don't talk to you.

My MIL is also old school. Normally I can deal with such stuff, but sometimes she pushes my buttons, gets me to agree to things I'm just not happy about.

I"m tired, i'm frustrated and I don't want to see my SIL tomorrow and I have too.

Sorry this isn't very clear, but unfortunately its a combination of not knowing how to explain indian family dynamics to a mostly non-indian readership and not wanting to reveal too much.

I hate politics. I am a straight forward, non-passive aggressive person that can be slightly opinionated. I hate dealing with the passive aggressive, hidden meaning type people..URGHHH!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WTF Mekentosj???

You seduced me with the easy of your Papers program, the sweet discount you give for students and the fact that you recognize enabling a license to be used on two computers makes sense, since not all of us of have laptops we have a work and home computers. Why then are you charging me $14.99 to have the iphone app? I knows it only $15 buck but I'm a starving student paying $1000/ month in daycare, my ass is broke! Can't it come with my original license or is this some Mac money grab?