Saturday, March 27, 2010

And then they say kids are not like pets

Heard in the SM household today:

"I wanna plaaay!!"

"OK, put your shoes and jacket on and I'll let you out"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm away for the first time in three years. And I''m sick. you have to love the irony.

leaving was hard. monkey knew I was going and was not happy about it.....but he was fine once he got to daycare. I'll call home tonight to see how he is.

looking forward to some good science!

Friday, March 12, 2010

For all the working parents

You need to go read this right now. It made me cry, but it re-affirmed that I am doing the right thing but continuing on with my dreams.

I know, I know y'all tell me that everytime I question if I'm being selfish by putting so much into my career. The rare times, I've wondered out loud on the blog, you've all supported me and said the right things. I know in my head this is right.

But no one in my real life (outside of does. My family - parents and sister, constantly are making cracks about monkey not getting attention and not having a good childhood. Mr.SM and I are too busy, its not fair etc.

Perhaps I should ask you guys tell me I'm doing the right thing more often, but part of me thinks if I have ask, maybe its not the right thing.

All I know is my boy is happy and I'm happy. And he's going to be OK when I'm gone for a conference....

Yep I'm going away and its going to kill him. But he will be fine. He has his daddy and they will bond....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Death by a thousand MB

actually 1.6 MB. Its 1:35am, and I need to email my PI a "final" version of a poster presentation. S/he is in a time way ahead of me so I have to send it tonight. S/he'll get it in the morning review and send it off to me by the time I get into the lab.

Except my file is 1.6MB over the gmail limit. I've converted the file to a PDF but the PDF is bigger than the actual file. WTF?!!!!!

I've spent the better part of 45 min trying to access some free download of adobe so that I can make a proper PDF, instead of a mac version....

For the first time in the history of ownership, i'm annoyed with my apple laptop. I just want to go to BED and I just want to have a pdf <25MB!!


I"m going to probably get to bed around 2am thats my guess. monkey will wake me up at 4 am to crawl into bed with me.....just mentally preparing.

the free online version worked!!! file is now only 1.1MB. YeaH!!! emailing and off to bed!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I need to set a date for my comprehensives. My PI refuses to let me set a date until I send her a research proposal (she told me this awhile ago). Damn PI and her be a responsible adult and figure shit out attitude (JOKE!).

I can't focus. To the point that I have been banned from the bench. Yep our lab manager, post doc and senior grad student have banned me from doing any science until I start writing. I've written a first draft but I must get a completed draft to by the end of next week to my PI and I have to have a poster made up by monday.

Do you know what I'm doing now? watching tv with my coffee, writing blogs and yep not writing (a proposal). I'm also going to go grocery shopping and look at dogs from Mr.SM bday...

i'm such a procrastinator