Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in Peace MJ!

He has alot of controversy around him but I can't remember a time when I didn't listen to Micheal Jackson. I was shocked.

He had a crazy life, today we've lost a amazingly talented musician and a whole lot of crazy as well.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Animals are NOT your children

I went to our local HomeDepot yesterday to get some non-toxic pest repellent. Two annoying raccoons have started rolling up our new sod looking for food. Since I was up at 6am rolling out that sod and forked out >$200 for it, I'm a tad protective of it. While I was roaming the aisles, I had to save monkey from a dog. A HomeDepot employee then informed the owner that the dog had to be on a leash.

I am may be on the fringe here, but why the fuck are you bringing your dog to HomeDepot?? While fuming about stupid urbanites and their infantization of dogs, I started thinking about Dr.J's stand on the use of cats and dogs in research. I started thinking about DogTown. And then I got angry.

I'm pissed at both Dr. J and the rest of the urbanites (its mostly urbanites that hold this opinion on pets) that cats and dogs are some how equivalent to children or humans. They are NOT. I love dogs. Between Mr.SM and I, we have owned 3 dogs. We loved them. I still expect to see my rotti X every time I go to my parents. I treat my dogs well. I wash, brush, feed and walk them. I do not dress them up. I do not take them out with me everywhere I go. I keep them outside - where they belong.

Unlike many claim, dogs and cats were not domesticated to be our companions. They were domesticated because they had jobs to do. Cats caught the mice and rats, dogs assisted in huge variety of farming / hunting chores. Why do you thinks they have herding, retrieving, pointing tendencies? Why do think they are classified as water dogs or sled dogs?

This is not to say that animals should not be respected or cared for, but we really have to remember they are animals. They do not have emotions the way we do. As nicely stated in Life of Pi, we have disneyified our animals. We have given them human emotions that they just do not possess.

Dr. J stated of cats: They have a superior intellect, they reason, they feel, they love, they care

Sure they have superior intellect, but they do not reason or love or care. If they reasoned, loved and cared the ferrel cats my colleague rescured 10 years ago would not be ferrel still. It is so aggravating for me, when I see people treating animals better than they do humans. Or when when someon claims that the animal is equilivalent to children. HELL NO! Again, I'm not saying to be callous, cruel or inhumane. Can we remember that they are animals?

Dr.J compared a cat to a baby, which always pisses me off. Cats and dogs are not dependent on us like a baby. You can't just come home late and take the baby out later like you can with a dog. If you get drunk the night before, you can't just sleep in and take the baby out later. Their are HUGE difference between having a cat or a dog and having a baby.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I have no idea why I am so irritated with the fact that my mom is giving my son a bath. Its probably because I do not like my mother. I love her because she is my mom, but I do not like her. She annoys me on so many levels, and I find she is very jealous of everything related to my son. She does not respect boundaries. She did not ask, my dad just told her to go do it.
I don't know why its pissing me off. Probably because I haven't spent any time with him today and he was more excited to see her than he was me. Totally being stupid. I know.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Pandora's Box of Sharing..

We have successfully ingrained into our little monkey that certain items are off limits to him. Mommy computer is mommys'. Daddys computer is daddys'. Ditto for Mommys and Daddys' phone. But now what do we do??

Scene: Mr and Mrs.SM have spent all day (literally since 6am) fixing the yard. Awesome BIL has been at our house since about 9:30am assisting in repairing the yard and making it child safe. We are tired. BIL et all come in at 9pm. BIL sits down and opens up Daddys' computer. Suddenly monkey is running in from the otherside of the house

Monkey: No!NO! NO! ChaCHA! (punjabi for Dads younger brother) daddy puter daddy puter!
SM: its okay sweetheart, daddy is sharing his computer.
Monkey wide-eyed and bushytailed, looks up with big brown eyes and says very very sweetily: my turn??

Mr and Mrs. SM think to themselves OH SHIT!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lets get even more personal!

So I have to laugh at the TMI alerts in the comments of yesterdays post. We're talking about birth control options, is there such a thing as too much information on a topic like that? Isn't that too much info in the first place for some people?
On a brighter note, I totally appreciate how awesome and forthcoming you ladies are with the information. Very helpful.

After reading some of your comments about how birth control either just doesn't work or creates devastating side effects, I'm thinking of staying off the whole synthetic hormone bit. It doesn't really make sense to me to try a bunch of different types which may take months to figure out, only to go off of them because we'd like to have a second monkey yes I am insane. Which brings up the topic of alternative methods. I'm not a huge fan of the condom. It really really reduces the sensation that are so important in a healthy sex life. What methods do you use other than the pill or condoms? How has your success being using methods such tracking your cycle, spermicide, IUDs? Realistically is an IUD worth the cost if I'm taking it out less than 12 months later?

I have an appointment with my totally awesome family physician on friday, so any decisions will be made in consultation with her (and of course!), but its always great to know different perspectives. I like to be armed with information.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A question for the ladies

What birth control pill are you on, if you take them? I am currently on Tri-cyclen and it sucks ass. I not only become really really emotional (which I can handle, Mr.SM not so much) but I become exhausted. Like slept in my car for an 1.5 hours this morning tired. Drank 2 cups of coffee yesterday and still could not function tired. So I think I need to switch. suggestions? Yes I know I should see my family doctor...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Silence is the Enemy

I have no revenues to donate to this cause. One of many important causes. I am lucky enough to say that I do not know anyone who has been sexually assaulted and I hope that I never do. Please visit, Isis, Tara, BioEphemera, Neurotopia, DrugMonkey, Janet, Mike and anyone else who is donating their ad revenues.


I needed to open up my reader today to read this. I had a "bad" morning, which consisted only having to drive back home 2x and then forgetting the monkeys lunch. Not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.