Wednesday, October 14, 2009


things are busy, but well. The wedding is coming up fast, which means family politics, stupid issues and frustrations are sprouting up everywhere. I am trying not to give a shit and not take things personally but its hard not too. Especially since hubby gets really really defensive when I say "your mom's is a hypocritical idiot sometimes!!" Yes I know not the nicest thing to say, but its better to vent to him than freaking out on his mom. Plus if he simply agreed and said "yeah I know and I love how you always just ignore it and I love you for looking past those annoying tendencies of her" life would be much easier.

Got cool data at work. yeah! if only I could get a scholarship so I didn't have to TA and could spend more time in the lab...I never thought I would say those words.

Not doing to shabby in the hockey pool.

that is all.


chall said...

not too chabby...pah ;)

good luck with the stressors! and the weeding.

(and maybe I can get some points inthe hockey this time, even without Crosby...)

Anonymous said...

At least take it all as a learning experience of what not to do the when you become the family matriarch with a daughter-in-law. Everyone we encounter in our lives is here to teach us something, and we often learn the most from the "difficult" people in our lives. It's nice to think that there's a meaning behind dealing with people and their issues!

Good luck with the rest. Hope you are sticking to a syllabus for your qualifier studies! I'm practicing what I preached because I'm doing something similar myself but for personal interest, though.

Maggie May said...

Obviously you have no problem being honest with your husband.
So that's good.