Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Pandora's Box of Sharing..

We have successfully ingrained into our little monkey that certain items are off limits to him. Mommy computer is mommys'. Daddys computer is daddys'. Ditto for Mommys and Daddys' phone. But now what do we do??

Scene: Mr and Mrs.SM have spent all day (literally since 6am) fixing the yard. Awesome BIL has been at our house since about 9:30am assisting in repairing the yard and making it child safe. We are tired. BIL et all come in at 9pm. BIL sits down and opens up Daddys' computer. Suddenly monkey is running in from the otherside of the house

Monkey: No!NO! NO! ChaCHA! (punjabi for Dads younger brother) daddy puter daddy puter!
SM: its okay sweetheart, daddy is sharing his computer.
Monkey wide-eyed and bushytailed, looks up with big brown eyes and says very very sweetily: my turn??

Mr and Mrs. SM think to themselves OH SHIT!


momphdstudent said...

That's cute!

Mrs. CH said...

Oh no! haha!

ScienceMama said...

Ha! You're in for it now!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Uh-oh! Good luck with this one!

microbiologist xx said...

I have no words of wisdom, but damn, that was funny.