Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thank you Mr.Bus Driver

Really, thank you so much. You are awesome!

Remember those beautiful shoes I purchased back in February? Well I needed to take them back to the store I purchased them from as the heal has already cracked in the boots and the ballerina slippers are falling apart. I don't know about you, but I do not believe Franco Sarto boots should have a cracked heel less ten months after purchasing them. Especially since I did not wear them during the 4 months of summer.

Anyways, monkey and I took transit to get to the particular store I purchased them from as I felt they should be thhe $55 to have the heel repaired on the boots. On the way back from the store, I left the bag with both pairs of shoes on the bus. I realized this within a minute of getting off, but it was too late to flag the bus down. I ran inside the house in a panic. Was the bag even in the bus? Did I leave at the bus station before getting on the bus? What if I left in the Gas Station when monkey went pee? I knew I had then. Frantically I called the gas station, the bag wasn't there. What do I do??? The lost and found for the company was bus company is closed.

OMG those are $300 shoes!!! I was panicking and not focusing on the solutions (which is uncharacteristic of me). I was so not thinking clearly when I grabbed the keys to our uninsured vehicle to try and catch the bus along its route, which I don't know. I drove the uninsured vehicle for about 7 minutes before realizing that I was being an utter and complete moron. $300 shoes were not worth the risking what could be lost if anything happened while I was driving uninsured. 15 minutes after leaving the house, I was home and focused on the solution. The bus stop is across the street from my house and comes every 30 min. There were 15 minutes until bus that dropped me off maybe returning in the opposite direction. If its not the same bus, we can ask the driver to radio the other buses. What to do while I wait? Look up transit company online to see if there are any 24-7 numbers. Yep, okay lets call that number and file a report. Find out that the next bus will be the exact bus that I was on. Run outside to wait for bus. The driver has my bag. Whew. Thank you sir! I knew there was a reason why I always let the buses in when I drive.


Mrs. Spit said...

I was worried for a second.

And booooo! about the boots.

EcoGeoFemme said...

It all turned out happy. hooray!

Mimi said...

WOOT! Happy bus driver saves the day!

Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

Yay! I'm glad that the bus driver had your bag and everything turned out ok!

To make this a truly happy story: did the store pay for the repairs?

ScientistMother said...

Mrs.Spit - I was worried for awhile! but all is well that ends well. I will not purchase Franco Sarto again, or Geox.

EGF - hooray is right!

Mimi - Bus drivers are good people :)

Amanda - the best part was the store refused to deal with me because I did not have a proof of purchase! I was pissed since I don't keep receipts for shoes. I went back today with my VISA stmt, and then will call me back in a few days. Fingers crossed.

momphdstudent said...

I have 2 words for you!
"Lucky Girl"
If the store pays after showing up the visa are "Doubly lucky"

microbiologist xx said...

Hell no, those boots should NOT have a crack in the heel or anywhere else. I'm glad you got them back. Whew.

The bean-mom said...

That's awesome! About the bus driver still having and bringing back the shoes, that is. Not so awesome about the store not paying for repairs--hopefully that works out, too!