Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sorry Dr.Isis, but the Shoe Fairy visited me instead!

Yep not only did she visit me instead of Dr. Isis, but she visited me TWICE!!!

Mr.SM is gone to our cabin up at Big White to set a up a BBQ. He left early (4:30am early) this morning and will not be back until tomorrow afternoon. While he's been gone, monkey and I have enjoyed a wonderful morning. We woke up, made pancakes together, ate and drank some "coffee". After watching some cartoons and vacuuming, we went out to town. There's a street in HomeCity that has some fun shops, good cafes and the Best Used Bookstore in the city. I really wanted to get monkey some new books and figured a trip to the bookstore, lunch in a cafe and walking around in the city would be fun since it was a beautiful spring like day. Well, we had an awesome time in the bookstore, got 3 super fun books for $20 taxes in.
At lunch, I realized what a big boy I have now. He sat across from me in a big person chair eating his yogurt and sandwich while pointing out the lights and the fans. I can't believe how fast they grow up. I just wanted to grab him and never let go.

After lunch we happened to walk past a popular HomeCity shoe store that was having a Rack Sale. We saw the shoe fairy hanging out in there and wanted to say hi. Plus, we thought she might get a chuckle out of this:

She was mighty impressed that I was cultivating monkeys' shoe knowledge at a young age and felt I was a very deserving, so she gave me these:

While I was checking them out, I let the monkey out of my eye sight for <0.05 secs. When I looked up, I couldn't see him anywhere. I went running out the open front door of the store. He wasn't in the street. Thank God I think. Back into the store, the clerk that was helping me watch the monkey had no idea where he was. My heart stopped beating.
Then out he popped from the behind the sales counter. After my heart started again I scooped that boy up and didn't let him go. The Shoe fairy felt bad for distracting me and causing that little heart attack. To make up for it, she gave me these:

Obviously, all is forgiven.


Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

I love those boots! And those flats! I want! Soooo very very jealous.

Mimi said...

Those flats are very very hot! And the boots! I'm with Amanda... super jealous!

ScientistMother said...

thanks lady, the boots are comfortable too! The flats are by geox so you know they are awesomely comfy.

Mimi - you are a prolific poster. Once life calms down i will catch up on the older posts, until then its only the recent ones I can read.

The bean-mom said...

Awesome, Scientistmother! Sounds like a very good day indeed (aside from the little scare when Monkey momentarily disappeared!)

By the way, love your new blog layout...

(and I'll get to those interview questions soon. Thanks!)

ScientistMother said...

Bean-mom = it was an amazing day. I was mentally prepared to not get anything done work or house wise, so getting stuff done on both fronts while enjoying the boy made for a great day. Once I found him, it took me a long time to put him down again. I felt like my life was over when I couldn't see him.

Lynanne said...

One of the biggest scientific mysteries in the universe is how a tot can manage to go from right beside you to lost in an instant. The second biggest mystery is how a mom's heart can stop beating, yet she stays conscious during those long minutes that it takes to find the child.
Thank goodness your little monkey hadn't gone far and the shoe fairy found such a cool treat!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

I love the new header photo!

ScientistMother said...

Lyanne - welcome to the blog! Yes it is a mystery. There must be a mom protein the kicks that is activated which prevents loss of consciousness as well as tissue damage from the infarction!

Cath - I know my boy is distractingly gorgeous but hello! did you not see the shoes! I know you had to appreciate those flats.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Yes, very nice ;)

I like the boots more than the flats actually, even though I couldn't wear that heel.

I'm not really a shoe person. The last pair of shoes I bought just for fun was, oooh, last year? I bought a direct replacement for a pair of boots that wore out, just after Xmas, and I bought some new "functional shoes" (i.e. runners) last year. What I really, really want right now is a new pair of ski boots.

Sorry ;)

Of course if you'd rather I admired your shoes than your son, I can pretend to do that!

ScientistMother said...

Cath - yes I suppose my son should take precedent over the boots. Really I should have learned that yesterday ;)
the heel on the boots are not very high at all probably less the 2 inches. I can no longer wear the super high heel - carrying a 26lb boy tends to alter ones center of gravity.

Samia said...

Lovely shoes!