Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Better late than Never - Hockey Pool Week9

It appears as Lavaland is holding on to her lead with no worries about any of us catching up. She's steady as she goes, no matter what Gerty-Z tries, she can't manage to catch up. Though she is managing to kick all of our buts on a semi - regular basis. Chall, Lavaland and myself all tied for second highest point catch last week.  Thomas is holding steady at the rear and Cath, Ricardipus and Bob are holding together in the middle, though with Cath desparately trying to get into the front lead with the rest of us. A sneak peak ahead suggests that GertyZ might finally overtake lavaland with Chall getting ahead of me...Damn You Two.  And damn those PV changes!

here's the data for all you nerds :)


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Thanks ScientistMother!

It's still anyone's game!

The PV changes messed me up, too. My existing team was over the cap, so it automatically removed one player (who'd been doing well for me) from my line-up, and I forgot to put him back in when I made my other picks on Monday. And of course he's bagged a couple of points already this week. Boooooo.

BTW I have realised that I am the kiss of death to goalies. Whoever I pick, no matter how well they've been playing, will let in an average of 8 goals per game for as long as I have them in my team. (And of course they get two shut-outs in a row as soon as I dump them the next week). I've therefore picked Turco, because if I'm going to get no goalie points and jinx someone, at least it'll be Chicago, who I hate.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

p.s. I'll do next week's update

gerty-z said...

don't jinx me! *crosses fingers, knocks on wood

chall said...

Booo.... my points are BEHIND gerty-z's ... not only is she gaining and wnning, shes blocking me ;)

We need to catch Lavaland, since it looks very comfy on top like that!

(I have no idea what I did this week in my picks... I'm blaming something sinc eit's not looking too good as of yesterday)

chall said...

haha, I just looked at the points though and now I'm first (not for long I'm sure but still.. wonder what happened btw last night and now... hmm... maybe one of those late west coast games?!)

Tonya (lavaland) said...

Oh my... I think my run is over. The under the radar approach has been blown! Not first anymore!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Hi ScientistMother! Click this link, please!