Monday, March 28, 2011

Pulled apart

I know I owe you all a post on why I chose a midwife, and I will. Possibly today since I'm playing hooky from the lab.

I spent all weekend installing new floors in our kitchen and an adjoining room. Every muscle in my body hurts and I"m exhausted. My house looks like a tornado has gone through it. Our upstairs stove and fridge is sitting on our front stoop, I'm going up and down the stairs 100x time in a 30 minute period trying to cook downstairs, but with everything but stove and fridge upstairs, this is after being on my hands and knees for 2 days laying down floors.  did I mention I'm 26.5 weeks prego???!!! WTF!

I also have a shit load of marking to do, data analyis, and data collection. I have personal finances, taxes to do. I have family functions I need to attend and help with. Oh and I have a 4 year old who I actually enjoy spending time with.  I have not seen friends in months and I can't even fathom when I will have time to.  I can't even find time for myself.All these different obligations are making me feel like I"m  being pulled apart. Each arm and leg is going in a different direction.

Between personal and "professional" obligations, I'm feeling like I am barely keeping my head above water...again. Which is why I bailed today on the lab. The scope is down, monkey woke up really late and I"m exhausted. I figure we'll run a bunch of errands today ie buy groceries, get the dogs license, moisturizer, nail gun, baby shower gift.  then I'll mark tonight and catch up on rest.  Okey dokey off to the races...


chall said...

ouch, sounds like a lot. Hope you can get a good night's sleep and maybe the house will be organized quick?

All the best!! take care of yourself and try not to stress too much (useless advice, I know)

EcoGeoFemme said...

No shame in taking a day off now and again. You'll probably be more focused at work tomorrow if you can get some shit taken care of. Good luck!

The bean-mom said...

Why are you laying down floors and doing all this shit when you're 26.5 weeks pregnant???!!!

If anyone needs a break, you do. A break from the lab sounds like a good thing. Even better would be a *real* break--no chores, no errands, no running around, but just taking a real rest. You deserve it!

(Okay, I've been dreaming of taking a "personal day off" myself now for months!)

ScientistMother said...

chall - hahaha! Actually I"m not stressing, I"m trying to take it one day at a time. One thing at a time. Like right now, rest drink some coffee and start the marking...

EGF - you're right. I shouldn't feel guilty, which is why I'm off again today! :)

BM - good Q!! Don't all women do this?? I'm hoping in a couple weeks I"ll get a break. hahahaha!

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Yoga girl East West said...

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Dr. Sneetch said...

Followed your comment on Micro Dr. O's page to your blog. Good point on the feminism thing.