Thursday, March 3, 2011

So Cath really just wanted to brag

So this monday, I'm minding my own business at the lab, studiously working away to try and find out where on my gene of interest a particular insert has been inserted.  The organization that inserted the exon (Fly trap - which makes freaking awesome tool for us!) has the information in one format, but our database (FlyBase - slow, but rocks and is run by volunteers) does not have it. This makes it difficult to compare where the insertion is relative to others IF you're a newbie to reading DNA like me  - leave me alone, I do more cell biology and was not trained as a molecular biologist or anything close as an undergrad.!!!!!

I was struggling to figure out what I needed when I  tweeted a request for FlyTrap and FlyBase to better communicate, which led to a reply from Cath:

I thought, Cath was just sending me an innocent reminder (though she did neglect to wish me a happy birthday, should've been my first clue!).  However, upon checking out the standings, I realize that she just wanted to be able to gloat about how well she did last week. Top point earner of the week AND edged past me for third place.   Not much has changed other than Ricardipus is now tied with Bob for 3rd. Hopefully I will not forget to change my picks again and will actually have a hope of kicking Cath back behind me again.


chall said...

Happy belated Bday!!

well, i guess i should be thankful you didn't opint out that I am second to last now....
oh wait, did I say that?!

[back to the sidelines...]

Thomas Joseph said...

And in related news ... I still suck!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

I didn't know it was your birthday!

Happy birthday!

Thanks for doing the update. The fact that I rocked it last week was, of course, immaterial in my request to hurry up and post the graph :)

I'll do next week's

Alyssa said...

Happy birthday :D

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! :)

ScientistMother said...

Chall - thanks for the well wishes. Considering how poorly I did last year, I'm not going to be mean to anyone behind me :)

Thomas - you still have the rest of the season!

Cath - sure sure, you didn't:), you totally didn't want to see yourself kicking but AND I actually love spending time with my mother :))))

Alyssa - thanks!
Micro Dr.O - thanks!