Saturday, June 14, 2008

Procrastination, thy name is ScientistMother

Mr.SM has taken the monkey to his parents for the day. He wanted me to go with them, but I listed off the numerous things I had to get done today, go the gym (finally!), get to Costco for some groceries, put in a load of laundry, try to get the weeding done and oh yeah, make an appearance at a family function, and oh read 2 nature reviews articles. The mister and the boy left at ~10am. It is now 11:20am, and I have sat my arse on the couch to drink some coffee, read some blogs and watch the football (soccer )game the entire time. BTW did you see the goal in the extended time? I used to be a go getter, hated sitting on the couch and I loved working out, but since the monkeys appearance, once I am home alone I'm like "oh my god I'm home alone I can watch tv and surf the net while drinking coffee and do not have worry about the boy hitting the tv, breaking computer, grabbing /spilling / drinking my coffee, or getting into some other mischievous trouble aka the toilet". Then I complain about how I have no time to focus on school, when the real problem is that when I do have time I want to enjoy the solitude, the peace, the ability to not have to be unfocused on tv crap. Seriously, we finally have some sun in the city of ours and I'm sitting on the couch watching crap television and writing a blog post, must get my head examined. Actually the bright light is that I am aware of my problem, and admitting you have a problem is the first step in recovery right??
On another note, the monkey is doing well. I think it was one of those random puking events, that little ones like to have.


Kim said...

I admit to the putting up of feet for extended periods of time when hubby goes out with the boys! NCLM

Candid Engineer said...

Although I don't have a child, I do know the feeling of finally being unfettered by other responsibilities and getting to sit my ass on the couch for a couple of hours. If I am feeling guilty about missing out on the good weather- I just take my laptop outside and sit in my chair on the porch, instead. Problem solved. :o)

Mad Hatter said...

Well, everyone needs some time to do absolutely nothing every once in a while. Enjoy your free time when you have it. Chores and work are important, but so is peace and quiet and having some time for yourself.

susan said...

I totally get wanting some Me-time and just doing what you want, even if it's nothing.

And you MUST live near me, because we are also rejoicing at finally getting some sun this weekend! Yeah!

CAE said...

I am sooooo happy about the sunshine!