Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Breath in, Breath out, Breath in, Breath out

I have to remember that. Getting mad at monkey does NOT help with potty training. Its just OM FUCKING GOD frustrating. I just put you the toilet, like literally you just got off, I was digging for your clean underpants in the just washed basket and you let it rip onto the living room. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked you to push for pee.

Banging head against the wall.

Breath in, Breath out. Breath in, Breath out.

You can figure out how to unlock my iphone but the whole potty in toilet you can't?? WTF?


Mrs. Spit said...

I remember those days with my foster daughter. They do it deliberately. This is one of those "never let them see you sweat".

(and you will laugh at it. I remember the peeing in church incident with a smile now)

Mrs. CH said...

LOL - sounds so overly frustrating. Good luck! He'll decide to do it one day :)

Anonymous said...

scimommy, just be grateful that the iphone hasn't met the potty yet...hang in there! :-)

The bean-mom said...

Legume is two, but I haven't even started the potty training with her yet. I'm still so traumatized by my experience with my first daughter.

But guess what? My older daughter IS perfectly potty trained now (she's four). They DO all eventually learn.

They will use the potty when they are ready to do so. With Bean-girl it seemed like two steps forward and three steps back--weeks when she was happy to sit on the toilet and listen to stories and eventually pee, followed by weeks when she hated the toilet and ran away from it and screamed. Then, when she was almost three, something shifted and she decided that she wanted to be a big girl and use the potty. And that was pretty much that.

One of her preschool teachers had these words of wisdom: "There are three things you cannot force a child to do. You can't force them to sleep. You can't force them to eat. And you can't force them to use the potty."

Hang in there =)

ScientistMother said...

Anon - don't scare me like that OR give that child any ideas!!!

Bean-mom - I totally agree, you can't force them to do it and I'm trying really really hard to not get frustrated as like he has multiple personalities and I never know who I'm going to get.