Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mental Break

I'm barely surviving right now. I have so much on my plate (conference abstract, personal finance deadlines, TAing, and comp prep) and Mr.SM still isn't around to provide support. I know its not his fault; he's had to start working shifts for his paying job because of a major event that is happening and his family business has a bunch of unplanned stuff going on. Which requires his time and attention so he no longer has the flexibility to take stuff off my plate like we had planned. I know its not his fault but I am angry that I can't depend on him. I'm not angry at him but the situation which we had no control of. And when the monkey refuses to nap or give me space
I get frustrated and angry that Mr.SM isn't here, which sometimes leads to me getting unnecessarily short with monkey. So I listened to a friend and gave monkey to my parents for the evening. I asked my crazy mom (who is talking to me normally after I showed up at the dinner and did a bunch work) to bring me dinner when the drop off the boy. I had tea, watched some tv and then read some papers and worked on corrections from the first draft of my research proposal. I feel less stressed and relaxed. I'm glad I listened to my friend. Thanks JV!

Its hard for me to ask for the help I need. I've always know my parents are willing to take monkey all day, but I miss him and don't want that. I only need a couple hours and someone to make me food. So I told my mom what I needed and said she needed to tell me if she was willing to help me the way I needed vs the way she wanted. She was and I appreciate it. Yes I told both my parents that I appreciate it.

My dad just called and said monkey keeps looking for me. I think they're realizing the boy doesn't like to be away from his mama to long :)


Mrs.Spit said...

I wish that I lived closer so that I could stop by and pick him up and get my little boy fix, and give you a break.

Anonymous said...

You're really lucky and blessed. Maybe this arrangement might allow you and your mom to turn a corner together. It sounds like your folks love your kid more than life itself.

Keep hanging on, and keep yourself healthy!

ScientistMother said...

mrs.spit - you really are an amazing person. thank you for being my friend.

anon - my mom and I will never turn a corner but I am lucky.

microbiologist xx said...

I was concerned when I read the title of your post, but I am relieved that you got some time to yourself. I currently live in the same city as my parents and I am sure that after this baby comes, I am going to need their help sometimes. Since i have no siblings, we joke that it might be more of a struggle to get my parents to help a little less.