Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Mother of All Scientist Meme

Have some of you noticed that ScienceMama from Mother of All Scientists has not posted in awhile? I remember she had given congrats to Arlenna when she became a new mum and left a comment or two over at Isis's place, but other than that there has been little activity. I'm hoping its because ScienceMama's new little one has arrived and between a newborn, a young active girl and life, she just doesn't have time for us in the blogosphere.

I'm not sure if ScienceMama is reading blogs with no time to comment or is just lost in real life. Either way it would be nice to get an update. I also don't know how noticeable my little heading will be, but if we all post a shout out to her, maybe she'll pop by? I would do what Dr.Becca did with CEiA, but ScienceMama don't have no email posted! Is everyone in?


canuck_grad said...

Totally want to know what's going on with her!!! I think of her every time I see a post from you in my reader, just with the similar names. Would love a quick update on the baby situation!!!

DRo said...

I also have been missing her posts!

pika said...

A suggestion, you could maybe leave a comment on one of her posts? There is a chance that she gets the comments emailed to her, even though she does not have an email address published on her blog.