Monday, May 17, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Who the heck is the lady in front of you???

I used to be cool. Seriously I was. I knew the best restaurants in town, what the trendiest fashion was and what was hip and happening in the world. I used LOVE that stuff. And I still do, except somewhere along the line, I just don't care as much and I don't know how it happened or when it happened. All I know is that Mr.SM offered to buy me a fancy pants gift for Mother's Day, whatever I wanted. He offered fancy jewellery, new clothes, new shoes whatever my heart desired because I deserved it. I chose a new Macbook Pro over a diamond anniversary band!!!! WTF happened to me!?

All I know is that I have been eagerly anticipating the computers arrival and have been playing on it all day. Somewhere in my >10 year marriage I have become the computer expert, knowing how to network computers, troubleshoot etc. I can talk RAM, core7 processors, SATA harddrive and dedicated graphics cards with the best of them. I can have discussion of the pros and cons of investing in a faster processor vs more RAM or vice versa. I psht and say of course I'm upgrading to the faster hard drive, duh!

What happened to the girl who loved nothing more than to sit at a restaurant with her creme brulee and martini's?


chall said...

That girl turn into a smart woman who knows that with a computer you can do almost anything. A diamond band can look pretty and be expensive but what can you really use it for??

Send lovely emails to your love? or photos from that wonderful time together? Or do science with it?

nahh... :)

Happy anniversary! sounds like a great time!

~profgrrrrl~ said...

I can totally relate to this. I've been wondering similar things lately. Here I am thinking about useful items we should buy and I've not purchased shoes in a year (and it's 2+ years for anything other than purely functional shoes).

I'd like to think that the impulse for such stuff just comes and goes and will come back at some point, even if I don't indulge it. It's kind of like an old friend.

Happy Anniversary!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Dude, what could be cooler than a MacBook Pro?! (I just got one at work. Mmmmmmm).

All the other stuff? Clothes and which restaurants are the happening places? I've never, ever, been cool in that way :)

ScientistMother said...

Chall - Thanks for the anniversary wishes, but its not our anniversary. The computer was for Mothers Day.. I know the computer is more useful, but since when did I become practical like that????

profgrrrl - hmm, I can't really say that I haven't purchased non-functional shoes, but I've definitely reduced the frequency of such purchase.. thanks again for the anniversary wishes :))

Cath - MacBook Pro...I am in love..

chall said...

SM> ok wait a sec, you get a Macbook pro as a _Mother's day_ pressie?!!? *green envy*

I mean, I know that people get expensive diamonds as pressies but ... well, never mind. I guess I see a reason for becoming a mother if that meant gettting a Macbook pro as a gift ;)

(disclaimer; I guess it justs goes to show that I am not really used to expensive gifts. Although I recall some practical ones that I really wanted - bike, camera etc... no rings though... as I probably wouldn't use them as much ^^ )

ScientistMother said...

Oh Chall, I DO NOT get expensive gifts, at all. I think thats why Mr.SM finally (3 years after giving birth) said that I deserved a good present. I still like to tease him that he never got me anything for my MSc. I don't think I've gotten a bday present either....but he loves me and treats me with respect on a daily basis, which I *think* is the important thing :)))

chall said...

SM: I didn't call you on that. I simply called it on the fact that I don't get expensive pressies ( and I don't really want it), the guardian today said women in britain wear like clothes for like 200 quid... ar least 2000 usd... I was amazed... (and felt like trash).

no way my clothing and jewelry each day to work is worth that much. then again, I don't do designer jeans, handbags or jewelry... and I like my stuff where I want it so I guess it'll be cheap ;)

(note to self: next time someone offers a diamond, take it!!! and then ,the designer hand bag too!! :) and I agree on the day to day thing! never think about that one. )

~profgrrrrl~ said...

Ha! I remember thinking I hadn't seen an anniversary in the post, but then I saw chall's comment :)

I think I'm on the verge of getting some frivolous stuff with 402's encouragement. For the last year I've told myself I don't deserve anything because I haven't lost all of the baby weight and no one actually looks at me anymore anyway. It's time for that to end, though. I'm just waiting until after we move next week. At the moment everything looks like another box.

Anyway, enjoy the computer.