Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An Open Letter to Steve Jobs

Dear Steve,

5 years ago I become a mac user. I admit, I did it partly on a whim, partly due my utter and complete annoyance with my Dell and partly to be different. You see, when I converted it was before all the cool guy vs pc guys commercials, before you tube became a sensation, even before you converted to the intel processors. I fell in love with my little ibook G4 immediately and 5 years later, it really hasn't let me down. Yes its slow and yes its not the best for CPU intensive scientific work, but for serving the net, checking emails, you know pretty much anything outside of scientific working its great. Apple is known for its amazing long lasting computers and accessories. Yes that includes things like the ipod and the iphone. So why the hell don't you have backward compatibility? I recognize some things are limited because of CPU type, but really if a program works on my G4, shouldn't it work on my icore7?? Why does illustrator work fine but not Photoshop? I don't understand. Why can OS 10.5.8 recognize my G4 and migrate everything perfectly fine, but 10.6 can not? What is up with that??? If you're going make long lasting computers than you need to realize that people are going to be trying to switch over computers that are 5 years or more apart in age.
And seriously, the iphone 3G is not that old, the remote on the remote headphones should freaking work as well. It works on the new computer but not on the 3G iphone? WTF Steve Jobs WTF

Oh and your fight with Adobe is fucking stupid. I know you're not adding flash so that I have too download a TV show from itunes instead of going to the networks website. How dumb do you think your customers up. You need to shape up, you're starting to look and sound like Bill Gates.

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FrauTech said...

Haha that's fantastic. I'm an ambivalent iPhone user because I thought it was the best smartphone technology at the time. But yes, it's irritating that if you like one piece of their technology you get swept up into the Cult of Mac. And his flash thing definitely irritates the hell out of me. Rumor is netflix streaming will become available on iPhones/iPads in the near future here, that is the only thing that will pacify me I think. But I also think it's a bad decision of his to fight against flash. One has only to look at Google to see how successful you can still be if you keep your technology open and flexible.