Saturday, January 29, 2011

Small Acts of Kindness - Thank you

I'm inspired by  Canadian GirlPostdoc to thank the anonymous skiers who were so wonderfully kind to me yesterday.

I've been having a rough time this semester as I'm TAing for the PI from Hell. S/he is very passionate about teaching undergrads, really really wants them to do well and expects me to care and be as excited about the class as s/he is. I've TA'd this course previously, but s/he has changed the content in hopes of it being more relevant. My biggest issue is that she is a control freak who asks for my opinion but then disregards whatever s/he doesn't agree with and gets visibly angry if I express disagreement. And S/he dictates exactly what I must do, to the point of getting angry if I deviate even slightly to help the students. Its frustrating and demeaning.  It is rude and disrespectful to micro manage me and to treat me as if I have no experience or intelligence.

But whatever, I'm away this weekend on yet another ski trip. We're not at are usual 8+ drive away to the amazing family resort we usually go to but to the closer, large touristy mountain. I expected large crowds with people being annoyed at monkey and me for being so slow. I was wrong. I was in the mountaintop food purchasing line up. It was just monkey and my prego self. The poor little guy was tired and hungry from the morning adventures and was basically only capable of holding his gloves and following little instructions like go get the chocolate milk you want to drink.  So I was holding his helmet, jacket, my goggles, toque and wearing all my gear (so I"m HOT!!!), while also holding our tray of food, when I noticed he had dropped one of his gloves in the line up behind us. It was so crowded behind us and I"m no longer able to easily maneuver  that I just said we would have to go look for it after. I tried looking all on the ground to see if I could find it but I couldn't. While this is happening, so random boarder/skier noticed, went back found the glove and gave it to me.  Thank you!

All day, individuals helped me as they saw me struggle to keep monkey engaged, carrying all the gear. Keeping an eye for monkey's gloves, asking if I needed help. I did not expect this at this mountain. It was refreshing.


Alyssa said...

Aw! It's so nice when people surprise you, isn't it?

microbiologist xx said...

Um, I don't know why I didn't realize you were pregnant sooner. Congratulations!!!!