Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hey Pot did you know you're black?

Yep thats me trying to be funny or witty or something.  You know the old saying, its like the pot calling the kettle black? When you tell someone do not something or tell someone they're being unrealistic, even though you are exactly the same? My BFF are kinda like that and when one of us got a bit preachy about the other shouldn't be so hard on themselves, they're expectations are to high blah blah we would look at each and laugh. Or point at ourselves, say "kettle" and then at the other and say "pot".  I'm having that moment.

You see this is where Mxx will laugh at me and say, honey do you not remember you're own advice to me on that post you linked to? Hahahahaha!!!!!

This semester is turning out to be a bit of a bitch. Right now is the first time since probably before christmas where I am sitting down and sorting out thoughts. Its been go go go go. Partly because I'm TAing for the most control freak, incredibly demanding of my time PIs.  S/he wants me to attend every lecture despite the fact its a class I have TA'd before, expects me to meet with s/he at least 1x/week, mark >40 assignment / week and assist with developing the mid-term and homework questions. Since all that would take more than my 12hrs/week I am assigned, I have refused to help develop questions. Plus why the fuck should I? S/he's been teaching for over 2 decades, they shouldn't need my help.  The freaking class sucks up 2.5 days of my 5 day work week. 0.5 day is suck up with lab meeting and whick really leaves me with 1.5 days to get data for the the first aim of my thesis collect before the parasite pops out.

Yeah I'm freaking out just a bit. It doens't help that things at home are busy, only because last year was such a cluster fuck of a year that I'm totally behind on home organizational shit. You know that little things like makings sure all the important papers are filed away in a manner that makes putting out taxes together in a month easy. Getting our personal finances back on track. As in actually tracking where are money is being spent so that I can figure out how to squeeze out another $1000/month for daycare in a year.

Oh and apparently we're supposed to be getting our kitchen renovated so that we aren't paying for heat that is going out the windows that don't shut properly and that we actually have space to put all our dishes etc. 

Did I mention that monkey now has after school and weekend activities? I swear I don't sit down till I got to bed, which is usually by 9:30 because I can't fucking stay awake. It also means I'm waking up at 5am freaking out about the shit I didn't read / prep / clean the night before.

Did you also know that monkey turned 4, over 2 weeks ago and I have yet to write my yearly letter to him???!!!! I should've done that now, but I needed to vent. I'm sure my baby will understand.


The bean-mom said...

"It also means I'm waking up at 5am freaking out about the shit I didn't read / prep / clean the night before."

I am laughing at this statement, only because I am TOTALLY THERE WITH YOU!! HA HA HA HA!! (cue the hysterial laughter).

Oh, god, is it something about January? Are we all going nuts?

Best of luck to you with all the TAing, parasite incubation, work, etc. *Hug*.

microbiologist xx said...

And I quote:
"the fact of the matter is that you can't make time appear magically. You can not accomplish in 8 hours what you used to do in 12 and you need rest or your body will revolt and you will really fall behind. Your expectations are unrealistic. You need to realize that, accept it and figure out how to complete those reasonable expectations."

No seriously, that TAing sounds like a nightmare. At least the vast majority of tasks I have are things I actually want to do. Hopefully as the semester moves along, you will find some kind of a groove.

B.T.W. I go to bed at 9:30 too and I feel totally lame, but knowing others are doing the same makes me feel a bit better.