Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I've finally done it

Wow! I am finally posting a blog! I have been reading mommy blogs for the last year and a bit; I have commented a few times, anonymously, when some of the women were going through tough times. I have never had the courage to reveal myself the way these women have. These women helped me through my first year of motherhood by letting me take a peak inside their windows, and now I am asking to be let in the door. I can no longer just be an observer. I have seen how the web has embraced these women and supported them, laughed with them, and just plain old experienced life with them. I promise I will link to these amazing women in my next post. At 11:20pm, I just don't have the energy to figure out how to do that. So why am I posting now after all these months? Well...I feel alone. I am a 31 indo-canadian female who started her PhD while 7 months pregnant...I know sooo smart, eh??? That translated into me having a total of 4 months in the lab before being out on mat leave for a year. I've been back for 4 months and its been a struggle. I feel alone. As much as women have entered the realm of science research, the number women having babies and completing a PhD are few and far between. I feel that I must constantly prove that I can 'cut' it, that I deserve to be there, that I can manage. So here I am, turning to the world wide web to find out if there are others out there. How do you do it? Help me, just tell me I can do this. My son needs me to do this...

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