Thursday, April 10, 2008

A proper introduction

So last night I posted my first ever blog and it was random must jump in or I never will moment. However, in doing that I failed (a) to set up the blog well and (b) to introduce myself or the purpose of this blog in a coherent manner. My bad. Who am I? For now lets keep the name to pseudonyms, as my DH probably would not appreciate the public nature of this blog. I have chosen the name ScientistMother as I am pursuing my PhD at a university in Western Canada (oh the vagueness, what a way to connect with potential readers!). I guess that leads to the first question, why the anonymity? There are a few reasons: (1) Mr. ScientistMother (Mr. SM) is a very private person and I have not yet told him I'm starting this blog as I'm not 100% sure he would like our lives on the web, actually I am 99.99% sure he would not like it one bit. (2) As I mentioned yesterday, I am a indo-Canadian, and there are not alot us of studying for a PhD in my field, at my university, especially ones that started 6 months pregnant, therefore providing innocous information like my university or program of study would well make it easy to figure out who I was. This would not be a happy situation because of reason 1, but also because of the purpose of this blog. I guess this is a nice transition point to introduce the purpose.
Why am I starting a blog, especially when I know would not approve? Well because as I mentioned last night, I have been reading the posts of some amazing women, here, here, here, here and here, over the last 15 months, and I have used their tales as a way to get through my days. Occasionally I have left comments, but they have been anonymous as I was not ready to delurk. However in reading there back-stories, I've realized that the blogosphere has given them a community of support, when they have felt alone. One of my colleagues in my research mentioned that her sister used blogs as a way to connect to other moms. Her sister was living in turkey and was feeling very alone because of the cultural and language barriers. Blogs gave her a community and friends, that she visits regularly when she comes home to Ireland. As I stated in my first post and earlier in this one, I am feeling alone. There are not many first generation indo-canadian women pursuing PhD degree's in the various realms of science, let alone ones that started pregnant. Although many women are pursuing PhD in science, again not many have kids or at a point in there lives where they can contemplate. This is what I get for taking the long route on everything, I am at least 5 years older than mos of the students starting, and older then most of those that are completing there thesis. But I can not be the only one doing this. There must be more of us and I am hoping this can be a forum for us to connect. So what will I talk about? Alot will be about my thoughts on dealing with the life in a research lab (hence the anonymity), the challenge/barriers, the frustrations of being an a field where being a mom (and sometimes a women) and doing good science is thought to be mutually exclusive. It won't be all doom and gloom, it will also include bits and pieces about my personal life, the joy and inspiration that is my son - who shall be referred to as B, the boy, the monkey - and the love of my life Mr. SM who encouraged me to pursue this crazy dream, who tells me I am able to do this, who loves me and carries me through some of the hardest times....and who drives me crazy the rest of the time. I hope you enjoy.

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Melanie said...


just thought I'd let you know someone's out there reading. Found your blog through motherhooduncensored, a comment you left there. I saw your 'name' and HAD to find out more. Oddly enough, we're neighbours in many ways. I'm in Western Canada too, a scientist, and well familiar with the woman-in-the-lab troubles. I'm also a mom, which happened while I was working in a research lab. Okay, not literally. But you know what I mean. Thankfully I finished my MSc thesis before my son arrived fully on the scene ... like ten days. I cannot imagine being a science grad student and a mom at the same time! I'm now job searching (not a result of my being a mom, funding ran out, that's what happens when you're a RA/Tech). Oh, and tell Mr.Sciencemom to loosen up :) Blogging is cheaper than therapy. Also look at some of the 'big name bloggers' who hid their blog posts from their partners ... yikes, big explosions.

Keep your eyes out, I'll be starting a blog soon too. Can't resist.

Best of luck!