Tuesday, March 31, 2009

30 minute meals

Like Candid Engineer, I have no war style pictures to go along with this beauty of a recipe. I do not have time to be taking pictures when I get home at 6pm with hungry child in tow and a hungry hubby waiting to be fed. I made this last Thursday, and takes ~30 minutes to prep and cook. My mom was given this recipe by a friend of hers, Shirley May. Its been one of my comfort foods ever since so thanks Shirley May!

Broccoli Chicken:

Enough steamed broccoli to cover the bottom of a casserole (I buy fresh flowerettes, saves me time as I don't have to cut anything)
Enough chopped chicken to layer on top of the broccoli - you can use either boneless/skinless chicken breast or boneless/skin chicken thighs. I've done both, personally I prefer the dark meat for juiciness and flavor
cream of mushroom soup (1-2 cans, depends on the size of the casserole)
2 tablespoons of mayonnaise - Do not use miracle whip, it gives a weird taste.
Dash of lemon juice
Graham masala to taste
grated cheddar cheese
bread crumbs

While the broccoli is steaming, chop and lightly cook the chicken.
In a bowl mix together soup, mayo, lemon juice, and graham masala, set aside.
Once the brocolli (and whatever other veggies you want to throw in) are steamed and the chicken is cooked, layer as follows:
broccoli, chicken, soup mixture, cheese, bread crumbs. Cook for 20-30 min at 350.

While the casserole is cooking, I will usually make some rice using the chicken juices.

Both monkey and hubby love this dish. Time savers are buying the pre-shredded cheese and pre-cut broccoli.

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