Saturday, March 28, 2009

I blame ScienceWoman

I had intended to blog about science today. I intended to post this video and explain to you all the beauty that is imaginal wing discs and my proteins of interest. I was going to wax on about how Arlenna isn't the only one that can take pretty pictures.

Instead I give you this:

Thanks to sciencewoman, the monkey is obsessed with elmo. He sees my school bag and he will drag it to me saying "elmo, elmo, elmo". My son, who never ever agrees to give me a kiss in exchange for something he wants, ran across the living room jumping with joy to give me a kiss after I said "OK, give me a kiss and you get elmo". Seriously, that boy has yet to want anything bad enough to give a kiss. Doesn't matter if you're offering a toy, food, juice, milk the answer is always no. Elmo is a drug that gets me kisses now.
My son has now mastered not only the ability to open my lovely ibook and turn it on, he can use the touchpad to launch programs. I walked into the living room to find him with both the computer open and FireFox open, madly banging keys to try and get elmo on. It will be a matter of hours before he will figure that out too.

Yet the boy does not talk.....

At least I can watch BSG while he watches that damn elmo's song for the 1001th time....

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