Friday, March 13, 2009


I've been found out!! Our lab is in a long open space lab area, which we share with 2 other PI's. We're on one end, and the infamous PI#1 is on the other end and cool PI is in the middle. The post-doc in cool PI's lab has been reading the blog for awhile and connected the dots after she meant monkey (Hey! - now that I know you read, you have to leave comments!). Thankfully she kept this information to only herself and the PhD student in her lab (Hey R). Both of whom are keeping my secret. Thank you!!


Isis the Scientist said...

I'm out at MRU. I came out after I moved to Sb because I didn't want to be unintentionally outted. It's strange though and has definitely made me think twice about the level of personal detail I share.

Not that I don't share it. I just think first.

Mimi said...

oh nos!!!!

EcoGeoFemme said...

This happened to me too. It was weird, but in the end I was happy to make a new real life connection.

Statcounter tells me I have a reader in my department. I have no idea who it is, but it makes me nervous.

Dr. J said...

Sorry to hear that - hopefully they will be decent and professional enough to keep your secret.

In a way I might be lucky here because absolutely no one around me seems to be remotely interested in blogs. This a shame in so many ways...for them...but for me it is probably handy as I don't just have my anonymity to think of. In fact the only comment I hear around here is 'what is the point in blogs'.

Even so, there is quite a lot I don't blog about, especially funny things, just in case anyone who might be involved were to ever read.

The bean-mom said...

Holy shit, I'd totally freak if a colleague from real life identified my blog!

Good that your colleagues are keeping it to themselves, and that you seem to be dealing with the "outing" okay! (hmm, does this make me re-think posting pictures on my blog? Uh, no--the bean kids are just too cute =) )

ScientistMother said...

Isis - it is making me rethink the amount of personal information. Since I've moved into my current lab, I haven't really blogged alot about "lab stuff" as there isn't alot to say, other than my PI rocks...but still

Mimi's - oh nos!! is right!
EGF - I have made a IRL connection through this blog and its nice. Its just weird to know that these people are now reading the stories I tell them..

Dr.J - yeah, I think I now understand what some pseudoanonymous bloggers mean by "unbloggable" event

bean-mom - I was freaked out but lately I've been wondering if I care whether people realize who I am. I just glad they aren't telling anyone and I may get a cooler header of it too!

chall said...

SM: I recognize the feeling although noone (As far as I know) from my institute reads my blog. And the few others I know IRL I know who they are reading.... then there are a few people who connected a bunch of dots from lablit/other place but well.... What can you do?!

(Apart from keeping the bitching about people who are recognizable from the lab environment to a minimum which I have started to do - in case someone finds me.)

GirlPostdoc said...

How does that feel? I have several people that read my blog who are friends but I'm not sure how I would feel if my colleagues at SmallUniversity found out. It provides an interesting ethical dilemma. Do you impose self-censorship in a space where you are meant to be free to rant?

Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

I know that a few people have found me out (not that it's very hard), but, luckily, they haven't said anything. Always makes me nervous and a bit more cautious about what I post.

ScientistMother said...

Chall - what can you do!! It is a bit of an oxymoron to be weirded out that your colleagues "know your shit" when its out here for all the internetz to see.

GirlPD - I feel weird. My first rxn was eh, since I've been debating how anonymous I want to be, but over the weekend, I've been feeling muzzled. I started this blog, not necessarily to rant, but to sort out thoughts and feelings. To really "be myself". Now I wonder if I can show my insecurities/self-doubt, and how to do I express my frustration about lab stuff? I just don't know how I feel.

Amanda - I am nervous and haven't really posted since finding how

chall said...

SM> I actually said that to someone though, I'd rather that anyone reads it that "someone specific" ... or in more clear terms, I didn't tell any of my old friends from back home about my blog ( I have another place where I write for them anyway, about my life and not my science etc...) but left my blog in a "anonymous place".

funny enough, it didn't feel as bad as "joe schmo" could read my rantings as "mom" or "collegue next door" ^^ but sure, it puts it in perspective. I haev been more restricted about too personal things. (or at least the lashing out against people I work with but don't really like at all).

ScienceMama said...

One of my direct coworkers found me out almost as soon as I started my blog. It's made things kind of weird because I suspect that two of the anonymous troll comments I've received came from her. And it definitely cramps my (blogging) style.