Monday, June 7, 2010

A reminder of why I blog

I haven't been blogging about science in the last few months. Its partly been because I know a few of the individuals around me know I blog and its partly because I don't really know what to blog about in terms of science. I mean do you really want to hear about how much I love my supervisor as lab mates?

But a reader recently sent me a personal email, which has reminded me that I've never really blogged about science, but more about science policy and the importance of improving the environment for increased diversity.
ust wanted to say thanks for your blog, and for blogging about diversity (and the lack thereof) in the science blogosphere.

I am not a science blogger, but I am a postdoc in engineering, and I read a lot of the science blogs regularly. I am Indian (sorry, I am not Punjabi, I'm Bengali -- and there aren't that many Bengali women in science either :-) ). I too was beginning to feel for a long time the "whiteness" and "otherness" of the science blogs, and your posts just hit the spot. So thank you!

This reader has reminded me that I need to start advocating for those changes. I just won't be starting until after my comps:) 6 weeks to go!

Be forewarned, I may start blogging about RIS complexes and tyrosine kinase pathways!


Venkat said...

Here's my vote for blogging on stuff like tyrosine kinases. Always wanted to befriend them. I know, I should read books and stuff too.

chall said...

sure, go with the kinases.. I need to learn stuff. I mean, I learn about other stuff when you blog about "science-linked stuff" so I can be open-minded ;)

My vote is that you write about anything, since I like your posts!

And good luck with comps!

ScientistMother said...

Venkat - hmm, not sure if tyrosine kinases is my first choice....

chall - could you be anymore enthusiastic about the kinases??

chall said...

SM: trust me, with my history kinases are not my frirnds... too complex and messing up my nice memories ;) You'll do fine though. It's just me and my problems with them.

microbiologist xx said...

I agree with Chall, although a lesson on tyrosine kinases probably wouldn't kill me!!

Samia said...

1) omg not that many Bengali women in science :(
2) yay upcoming science blogging!
3) good luck with comps!