Friday, September 26, 2008

Dr. Isis you are wrong.

I know I am risking alot with that title, but damn it I disagree with my friend Dr. Isis and I am not afraid to say it. Dr.Isis is the laboratory and domestic goddess and in her infinite wisdom is to letting everyone know that you can be both a fashionista AND an amazing intelligent scientist, these are not mutally exclusive traits. This is important because many of us fashion loving, shoe loving female STEMers get the distinct impression that being the pretty one in the lab can be a distinct disadvantage. I appreciate that Dr. Isis is a tad on the narcissitic side and lets everyone know that her hottness has nothing to do with her success. So why do I think she is wrong?
I think that she was wrong for giving the blanket advice that square - toed shoes should never been worn. I agree that the shoes in Figure 2C were exceedling ugly, both in terms of fabric and styling. I disagree that they unattractiveness was due solely to the toe-shape of the shoe. I have some beautiful square toed boots, I'd post a picture but I'm in the lab, so instead I will provide you with evidence of shoes I would love to purchase but can not afford.

Exhibit A can be purchased at GravityPopeIf I had $525.00 cdn, I would buy these boots, these are beautiful, who can not love those buttons?

Exhibit B can be purchased at Freedman Shoes, which I would also purchase if I had the $449.95Exhibit C can be found at Stuart Weitzman. I'm not a big riding boot person, so I am not sure I would purchase these if I had the $535.00 but I can still appreciate their beauty
Dr. Isis, if you need more evidence, I will submit to your wishes, just realize that asking me to look at boots that I covet but can not purchase is the harshest form of torture that could be exacted on me. I know you will not punish me simply for challenging you, as you are not that type of Goddess.

Your Humblest Servent,


Mimi said...

This was awesome! I also enjoy square toe boots. There are many cute ones to be lusted after!

Mrs. Spit said...

Mmmmm, I'm a bit fan of the pointy toe shoe. I think boots are a bit different, in that they are more masculine-ish overall, so you can get away with a square toe, it just seems to balance out the boot more than a pointy toe.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

The first ones in particular are AWESOME.

Tina said...

People always wonder how I can wear my high heeled boots to lab. I say: It's not a comfort issue, it's a safety issue. What if I spill a chemical on them? Thus, never spend that much on boots no matter how nice they might be. Stick with the cheap yet attractive variety, be they square or pointy toe.

Isis the Scientist said...

ScientistMother, how the heck did I miss this post in my Google Reader? Allow me to offer my interpretation of your boot offerings --

Boot 1 -- I would not mock you for wearing these boots. I could see how these might be cute over a pair of skinny jeans as long as you are not sporting size 13 feet. In that case, the short heel may not balance your long toes.

Boot 2 -- These are cute and not square toed in the same way that the shoes Dr. Isis offered as an example are. I will allow these and, with the right pant, might consider these myself.

Boot 3 -- Absolutely no freakin' way. Unless you're planning to buy a Harley and wear assless leather chaps, you had better step away from these boots ScientistMother. If I see you in these, you are going to get a talking to.

Finally ScientistMother, you have nailed the entire point of being Dr. Isis. Over the years I have grown weary of being told that I have to be more man-like if I want to be acepted in science. Dr. Isis turns in her lipgloss for no man.

ScientistMother said...

Mimi - you and I are on the same page

Mrs. Spit - Boots do balance out a square toe but I do have some square pumps that I LOVE, I will post pictures soon

Cath - I am so coveting those first ones. How I wish I was a DINK!

Tina - Having spilled 4L of methanol on a beautiful (and expensive) pair of boots, you would think I would learn to not wear nice shoes to the lab. But I am a shoe FANATIC. I easily had >60 pairs before the monkey came along. Unfortunately I no longer have the income to support my addiction

Isis - Being a domestic and laboratory goddess is time consuming, especially when one is both wining and dining collaborators. During these busy times it is easy to miss posts from us mere mortals.
About the shoes, Boot 2 was included to illustrate my point. The blanket statement that square - toed is bad is not correct. I would say that a boxed foot is what is unflattering, not the square toe. I own a pair of boots which are distinctly squared off, but the foot is tapered in, providing a nice shaping of the foot w/o cramping the toes. I personally would not wear Boot 3 as I am not a riding boot person. However those with a nice pair of skinny jeans, a turtle neck and a tailored blazer is a flattering look for women. Think English Country horse riding esk. Assless chaps are not my think, though I do think Christina Auiglera pulled it off :))