Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still just one replicate

Thank fully at that! Like sciencemama, I have been freaking out this week that I was pregnant. Unlike her though, I did not buy a pregnancy test because then that would confirm my fears. Yes right now being pregnant is a fear. Plus I was already showing, so I really didn't want to see the little plus sign. Yes I said I was already showing, that little jelly belly ponch that I just haven't been able to lose, was not a ponch but was a little baby growing inside. That period I had last month meant that I must only be a couple weeks along but its the second kid so you start showing right away. That belly was not going away no matter how much I sucked in the tummy.
Well this morning the crazies have subsided. Mother Nature has arrived to let me go back to fretting about normal things like what am I going to make for dinner tonight. I hate bloating.

Oh and I start the pill tonight. I can't go through this every month.


Melanie said...


(and okay waitasec. YOU do NOT have a jellybelly paunch. I know you think you do. I know you see it. But you don't. Seriously. I was quite envious of your lack of one!)

PhizzleDizzle said...

Even on the pill, I worry every month. The few days before the cycle comes, I always feel a bit tired and a bit plumper, and I always convince myself I might be preggo even though I've never been. I don't even have to miss a period to be tripping out.

I think the monthly fear of pregnancy is just another tick on the "downsides to being an XX" list. Not that I'd want to be an XY :).

ScientistMother said...

Phizzledizzle - It rather funny, before I had the monkey, I was never worried. I was horrible with taking the pill everyday or even at the same time, with the thought whats the worst that could happen - I'd be pregnant. Now that I have the monkey, he was wanted but was conceived way earlier than expected, I am terrified of having another one. I want another one, just not yet.