Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Envy can be an evil thing

But sometimes it can be used for good. Dr.Isis has her beautiful boots and her naughty monkey cheery pops, Mrs.Spit her gorgeous heels. Well, readers, I can not watch others enjoy the world of shoes without joining in. I used to have the best shoe collection, it was envied by all who knew me. The collection has taken a hit with the acquisition of a mortgage and a monkey. I have not been able to add to it as often as I would like. Important, will be worn on a regular basis shoes have been added on a 'as need' basis. But those shoes that you love, the ones that I covet and would've purchased in a heart beat if not for said mortgage and monkey, I have not acquired. Say something like a pair beautiful silver BCBG that looked similar to these Arturo Chiang's that were $135.00
They were absolutely beautiful, but not something I could purchase after putting a kabosh on Mr.SM's desire to purchase a new itouch (note to self, do not kabosh hubby's dreams until after visiting the local Freedmans Shoes). I did however wander over to our local Winners and Shoe Company stores to purchase these beautiful babies for <$50.00 TOTAL out of our chequing account.
I will be wearing these over the next few days at the HUGE family wedding I am attending. A wedding that is huge by Punjabi standards (4 days of festivites, >800 guests). My feet will probably kill me and my back will be put out if I have to hold the >27 lb monkey for more than 10 minutes but I will look DAMN good!


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Oh man, I'd be crippled if I had to wear those for more than an hour!

I'm all about the boots, me.

Mimi said...

Those are quite smexy I must admit...

The bean-mom said...

Quite a steal. I'm not a shoe person, but they do look nice.

Happy dancing at the wedding!

Mrs. Spit said...

Wow. Those are beautiful.

And those super sexy shoes? You have no idea how *unsexy* the back ache is. Ouch.

Hermitage said...

As far as I can tell these shoes are a win-win situation:

1. You look, and feel, sexy whilst wearing such wonderful shoes
2. Mr. ScientistMother is forced to give long and through backrubs to soothe the aftermath of such sexiness

Am I missing something?

Isis the Scientist said...

Those are lovely and worth every minute of the agony! Of course, if you put those on and end up falt on your back (wink, wink) you won't have to worry about your feet hurting.