Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The best answer yet

In response to a question about muscle strength and temperature, requiring an explanation of the physiology behind the effect:

this causes slower functioning due to slower ATP turnover and other mechanisms needed to perform the movement

really? perhaps you'd like to expand on the those other mechanisms that you were asked to explain!!!


Ambivalent Academic said...

"Hmmmmm...I'm sure that there are other mechanisms but I didn't study them so I forget how they actually work...and if I try to make it up I will probably get it wrong. I know the person who grades this will notice and dock a glaringly wrong answer. But they read so many of these things that if I just don't mention any details of these mysterious "other mechanisms" maybe my exam will be the last in the pile and the grader will be too tired to notice/care. He or she is likely to be generous anyway, because everyone loves students and is sympathetic to how hard everything is for us...especially this studying nonsense.

Yes, good plan. I am counting on luck for my exam grade."

PIE said...

heh. reminds me of my own undergrad years... writing (read bs-ing) answers to questions I did not understand. xD
but seriously, i'd expect an answer like that in first year undergrad courses, MAYBE.. not 3rd year.
you know better by 3rd year. you should.