Monday, December 1, 2008

I will gladly get up at 2am to change wet sheets&PJ's

As much as I like to joke about what a mischievous monkey my little boy is, no matter the number of times I complain how exhausting / frustrating he is, make no mistake. I will happily wake up at 2am to give him a mini-bath and change my sheets, if that would keep him warm and safe. There isn't anything that I would not agree to, if it would keep him warm and safe.

I was all set to continue with political blogging, but this, this , this and this made me hug my boy a little tighter, give him a few more kisses. My thoughts, prayers and good wishes are with those families and all others who are not as lucky as me. I have a wonderful husband and a great kid.


Dr. MCR said...

You said it. Thanks for a simple but spot-on post. We are so lucky to have wonderful kiddos and partners in all of this. I have learned that that extra hug is the best insulation from all the junk out there. Have a great week!

Tina said...

I am not even going to follow those links, because I know already that they will upset me.

However, I am going to go give my two girls another kiss. Don't you love seeing them sleeping in their dark warm beds? (keyword, sleeping?)