Monday, December 29, 2008

Can I get the next size up please?

The monkey is sick, as you know. At 8pm, he was put to sleep in my bed, because lets face it, he has expected me to hold him all of last night and all of today. The probability of him wanting me tonight is pretty high. We put in our bed and Mr.SM offered to sleep on the couch, cuz you know a KING size bed ain't big enough for 2 adults and a not-yet-2 year old. Apparently, it is not big enough for just me and the kid either. I am currently attempting to finish reading about the Na/K ATPase and am being nudge off the edge of my bed. The boy is perpendicular to me and I can not turn around. I will be sleeping on a space that is as wide as my freaking laptop people. Yes I could move to the otherside of the bed, but you see my mama didn't raise no fool. If I switch sides, then his feet would be connected to me. The last thing I need is a heel to my nose, thank you very much. I'll take the head in the small the back instead.

Good Times. Good Times.

On a lighter note, he has not vomited since 1:45 am, monday morning. Although he's had wet farts the diaherrea seems to have subsided as well as the fever. He's still refusing to eat, but I'm hoping that will get better tomorrow. Fingers crossed. As much I love cuddling my little monkey, I do prefer it happening when he's healthy.


Prof-like Substance said...

I think your monkey has the same thing that swept through our family this week. I'm just getting over it today, not fun.

Nat Blair said...

Ugh, here's hoping that that bug stays far far away from there. Ok, wishful thinking I know. It was worth a shot. Cause we're all dealing with annoying runny nose/cough symptoms in our house, but haven't hit the dreaded GI bug for some time (*furiously raps on any and all nearby wood surfaces*).

But it does bring me back to being kicked in the head or head-butted when the boy came into our bed (which is only a queen, and plenty big - as you know, regardless of the size, they'll find a way to pin you in the most uncomfortable position. Nice "offer" to sleep on the couch though.) Those days basically stopped when we got the big boy bed though.

Hang in there!

PhizzleDizzle said...

oohh, i hope monkey feels better soon.....

Isis the Scientist said...

I don't know how their feet always seem able to find the face, but it seems a skill shared by many toddlers.

I am so glad Monkey seems to be on the road to recovery. In Isis news, Little Isis has slept in his bed for two nights now. Every night we have a talk about how when it's dark outside he belongs in his own bed. Last night he woke up and I yelled down the hall "Is it dark outside?" He replied, "Yes." I asked, "Where do you sleep" He replied, "My sleep in my own bed." I wept.

ScientistMother said...

PlS - I think my post-doc will be investigating how GI viruses are spread via the internetz

Nat - Welcome to the blog! the offer to sleep on the couch was sweet, though I think it was made more for self preservation than anything else. The monkey seems to kick Mr.SM more frequently than me.

PD - I think he's on the mend, as he's eating and drinking milk today, but the gas / diarrhea are still there.

Isis - Woot woot! I can't wait until I can have those conversations with monkey. Wishing you more nights of your own bed

The bean-mom said...

Oh, lord, my girls have had diarrhea this week, too! How can it be catching over the Internet?

My kids are getting over it now, though. I wish Monkey a very speedy recovery. And yeah, why do toddlers always want to sleep perpendicular? How is that such tiny people can take up so much room in bed?