Monday, December 22, 2008

Staying out of the Doghouse?

I have been calling Mr.SM on his cell and work phone since before 3pm. Its is now 4:30pm and he has not responded. Which is odd. He always calls back or lets me know he's going into a meeting. This habit stems from when monkey was born and I was bored at home. We would call back and forth incessantly. He actually still does it when he's bored at work. Last week, he called 4 times in 1 hour to ask me about boots (for my christmas gift). The ungrateful wife that I am, neglected to notice those calls were all about me, and got annoyed for receiving so many calls. I was busy picking virgins and setting up crosses. I seem to that a lot, hmm.. Anyways, after that a colleague showed me this:

My point is, I am annoyed that he's not calling me back. I think he's not actually at work, which means he's out shopping. Avoiding the doghouse. I think.

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PhizzleDizzle said...

that was hilarious. thanks :).