Friday, August 6, 2010

White people should not write about brown people dating

Because try as they may, they get it wrong.

The print edition of todays Globe and mail has an article on South Asian online dating, which is so full of fail its ridiculous. Promoting stereotypes that parents arrange our marriages to picking who we date. I can not find the freaking article online and am too sick (I have the worst summer cold) to type everything out.

It is safe to say: we don't have arranged marriages. Yes we value family, yes we're modest, I'm not making out with my husband in front of my parents.


Samia said...

Ewww to the article and to your cold. Feel better soon.

I get the weirdest invasive comments/questions from some white people about my dating life. It's creepy how this tired shit just. Won't. Die.

joven said...

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Hermitage said...

I can only imagine the frustration, I *headdesk* repeatedly as white media outlets pontificate on why are black ladies such losers who don't get married and pop babies out of their baginers at the average rate. Dude, *sigh*