Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fuck you Biology

***warning TMI

I feel like my vagina is being ripped apart. I currently am hating the fact that I am female.

the feeling that there is a vice between my legs, pulling apart my vaj jay is reminding me of the hell that was my birthing experience. it is making me rethink my desire to have a second child.

also I have decided that the guiding hand principle may be correct, because seriously how is this menstruation thing necessary for survival? Oh yeah and the guiding hand belongs to a male with a sick sense of humor or at least some one that hates women. Because no woman would've designed / evolved their own bodies to go through this or birth.

Pushing a >7 lb child out was not pleasant. As much as I want another child, this current pain is making me cross my legs, look at my husband and say don't even think out about sticking anything inside me.

that is all.


Maggie May said...

fish oil, every day, made my periods 100% better.

chall said...

oh dear. sounds bad. hope it gets better!

tmi for me: apart from a pain from hell for one day at the start, I wonder about the pms/despair I feel once a month on one specific day (which I thankfully have marked down and work on not personalizing anything that 24 hs). why would that be any good? Interesting enough, it coincides with me going into ovulation so maybe I am just not meant to concieve? or maybe my body is telling me to "go luck for happy comfort old school?" ;)

Professor in Training said...

Ugh. I'm sorry - that sucks. Thankfully I don't have any of those issues anymore.

ScientistMother said...

MM - ugh, I hate fish oil..can not do that. I'm thinking more drugs.

Chall - Thanks! its better now, the first day always is hell. What is up the PMS stuff? being in the depths of despair everytime one's body is ready to concieve does not lead to promotion of the species. Perhaps you're not "fit" enough?? fucking darwin..

PiT - thanks! I'm happy the ablation worked for you and that you didn't have to go in for a more intense surgery.

FrauTech said...

Hahaha yes. Go on the pill..."skip" a few of them. I've reduced mine to once every three months or so, though it's still terror.

chall said...

SM> well I guess I deserved that one ;) (not being 'fit' enough) after the whole screaming mother cliche.... ^^

I don't know though, the despair thing make me feel like I want to cuddle up and have someone take care of me and promise me the world and I'll be safe [in his arms] etc... that would lead to some baby making I'd think ;) [if i went with it i mean] (so not an appropriate conversation but oh so silly fun)

wv is 'later' :)

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Sorry dude. I have one (sometimes two) days each month that I can only survive by taking copious amounts of ibuprofen, so I feel your pain. Hot water bottles also help me.

The only good thing about it is that the pain is predictable, and you know you'll be just fine in a day or two. Hang in there!

(Oh, and everyone who told me (or anyone else) I'd grow out of it can bugger off).

ScientistMother said...

Chall - I didn't mean I think you're not "fit" enough. Thats what evolution would tell us.... mind you maybe its the way you say. Full of despair, he makes you feel all good then badda bing badda boom?:))))

Cath - NEVER grew out of them. oNly thing that helps is the pill, but i'm not on that anymore, too busy to go to the doc.

chall said...

badda bing badda boom ;)


I just love it! the mental image right now of pms women looking for comfort and then ending up "happy" and sometimes preggers... gosh, someone could probably make some really sad connection and draw faulty conclusions from it though. as always.

and Cath; yeah, that told me the same. BS. I'm not growing out of it...been more than 50% of the time I'm ging to have my period for gs.

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