Saturday, September 4, 2010

On a lighter note

Mr.SM and I needed a break from all the crazy that has been going on in our lives, which included a break from each other.

He's taken the boy off for a bit of outdoor fun and I've stayed home to "study". I've been quite successful if studying includes taking a 2 hour nap, making dinner, hanging out with friends and watching some Law and order while drinking wine.

Whateves, lets all agree that I needed and deserved a mental health break.

Now I'm watching, Underworld:Rise of the lycans. Like any good nerd/geek/scientist, I love my scifi and I especially love my vampire, werewolf movies/books/shows (Eric Northman you can take me anytime!). Since I've read and watched many vampire / werewolve type stuff, I'm pretty used to liberties being taken with the traditional myths. However, here's a thing you can't rewrite IMHO. Vampires are the undead. They live off blood, they do not have sperm or ovaries so they can't get pregnant. Just saying, Underworld, you fucked up with that little storyline.


GMP said...

Eric Northman you can take me anytime!

:)) Aaah -- totally agree!

chall said...

oh the preggers thing... I totally agree. Dead things can't make live things. Nor dead things. Nothing. It is dry. Dead. Whatever.


again, I like that in the Hamilton books (the first ones) that she's at least not scared of being preggers with the vamp :) Then of course, the books after the first three are mainly explicit sex... and it even turns boring (imho) after a while. Gosh. me.

anyway, sounds like you had a deserved time off and saving mind. wine and l&o sounds right up my alley for not thinkingtoo much. All the best to you and family!

The bean-mom said...

I loved Underworld, too!

And it sounds like a very successful "study session" to me! You totally deserved the time off. I am so sorry to hear of all the craziness and loss that has occurred in your family's life recently... you completely deserve time to yourself (and leather-clad vampires), SM.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

That's the best kind of studying, and definitely the most productive in the long run :)

Girlpostdoc said...

Battlestar Galatica rules. The cylons were awesome.