Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I feel blah today. The weather here in HomeCity is ass. It is so cold that I actually had to turn the heat on to be comfortable inside, although its muggy outside. It is also the end of August. I gave myself until the end of August to find a new lab and unless the PI from the lab I blogged about offers me a position (she said she would be making a final decision after the 27th ), I'm SOL. I've looked at a numerous labs, but it is hard to find (1) something that you're interested in (2) with a PI that has good science (3) that at least as a reputation for being reasonable. I've emailed numerous individuals, many of which didn't even bother replying. Initially, I took the lack of response to be a reflection upon my marketability, but now I think not responding with even a "not interested" or a "no space" is a bit rude and a reflection upon them.
What now? I am moving on to plan B, which is to apply for jobs. I am sad. I am trying to focus on the positives of looking for a job: I can think about having another kid, we can afford to renovate the house, I can go buy those cute shoes and designer jeans without feeling guilty. I am trying to be optimistic about approaching this as a new adventure, but I just feel sad and I want to cry because I am closing a chapter on a dream. My BFF has said that I can always go back, but I know I won't. I am sure once I land somewhere, I will get excited about it but for now I have to just get over being sad and do what needs to be done. Relearn how to write a killer cover letter, get my resume checked over to ensure its highlighting my strengths and to let the network of friends and professionals that I have developed relationships with know that I am available. With that I am in the process of applying for one job and have made an appointment with the university's career services for advice on the resume and job marketing.
I am sad.
Gas Company guy called yesterday to say that Field manager has not returned his calls and he's still working on it. Blah!

and we have rats in the attic. blah!


Mrs. Spit said...

Argh. The rats in the attic is an especial kick.

Hope things go well. It's hard to move from one thing to another, especially when you are not ready to.

Amanda said...

The gas company and attic dwelling rats really are just the icing on the cake, huh? I'm sending good vibes your way for the PI to contact you with good news!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

August is generally not a good time to get anything out of academics. Half of our department has been away on vacation, and people are only just starting to trickle back now, as their kids have to go back to school soon. There is also a BIG CIHR grant deadline on Sept 15th, and most Canadian labs will be working on something for that, even if it's just as a collaborator. So an email from a prospective student is, sadly, not going to be their highest priority.

If I were you I would re-email everyone you've already contacted and haven't heard from, and give them another couple of weeks. Maybe follow up the ones you're most interested in with a phone call?

Oh, and the weather really, really sucks. I am wearing a SWEATER today, FFS. Not happy.

The bean-mom said...

I'm wishing you all the best, Scientistmother.