Friday, August 29, 2008

Why I love the mister

The mister and I had some good conversation yesterday, mostly me complaining about the situation, how torn I feel, how proud I am of my networking abilities, how I can not be happy about not doing a PhD no matter how much I try to focus on the benefits of having a job. To which he said: "Sweetheart - it is so obvious you want to do this. Don't make the mistake of rushing to a decision. Take some more time, turn over every stone, then at least you know tried everything." He is so on my side. I so love him.

Which end the happiness for the weekend. Its bitchfest! have a great long weekend!

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Isis the Scientist said...

Hi ScientistMother...

I have been following along in your saga. I have no particuklar sage words of wisdom for your unique conundrum, but I will say this:

I went through a few periods where I seriously considered not pursuing my PhD or leaving academia for industry. Not that these are not valid career options, but they wouldn't have been right for me. Any decision I would have made while I was emotionally vested in the problem would have been rash and I would have regretted it.

It is good that you have ScientistMister to talk to. Perhaps he will offer you some neutral council. I find it incredibly helpful to keep telling myself that each setback I face is minor in the overall story of my life. I know it doesn't seem like this now, and I do not attempt to patronize, but this is minor.

Because, really, if you come out alive everything is minor.