Sunday, August 10, 2008


Dr.Isis called me out online. She wants to hear how returning to running is going. As much as I appreciate her doing so, it is hard to do. Not because I don't enjoy it. I do. I LOVE running, there is something about pushing yourself through a trail that just makes everything feel better. The problem was I didn't go to a trail to run and I haven't ran in a long long time. I am no longer able to go for a nice 20 minute run. I can barely make it to the 8 minute mark. Which Sucks. Big time.
However, not running is not going to make it any easier. So like every thing else in my life, it will take some hard work, but I will get to the point of being able to run a half marathon again. The plan is to do interval training, I used to do 10 & 1's - 10 min run with a 1 min walk break. I will move that to 5 & 1's. I will run 3x a week and go for a power walk on alternate days. I will start going to the gym and work on strength training. Which means I will put myself first and hubby second. I can not get the gym in during work hours as I have to focus on lab work (once I get into a lab!). Mr.SM is not going to be able to watch monkey on weeknights. He should be able to but with this last class of his, he is pretty stressed about its degree of difficulty. So I will go to the gym at least 2x during the week after monkey is gone to bed. That is usually when I just want to vegetate because I am exhausted but I figure a good workout will wake me up, enabling me to stay up and read an article or two. Whatever lab I get into will require a considerable amount of background reading.
Now I must sleep while the monkey naps. I am pooped after todays 20+ minute run walk and yesterdays push ups. My muscles need some building time.

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ScienceGirl said...

Half a marathon! Wow! Glad you are starting back up though; hopefully you will get through the painful phase quickly, and will be back to enjoying it. Good luck!