Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I went to the follow-up interview today and this is what I have learned about science:
Professionalism is rare, when you find it getting into the lab is very difficult.
  • Almost all PI's bitch about one student to the other student
  • Even the ones that believe its not sink or swim in their lab, it is sink or swim
  • You either are independent or micro-managed
  • Good Science is hard to find
  • No one is perfect
  • The lab personal can determine the atmosphere of the lab
  • Starting in a lab where everyone is finishing is bad
  • Starting in a lab where everyone is starting can be hit or miss
  • Even the "Good Mentors" have bad traits
  • If you can't teach yourself to cook, you might as well get out of the Kitchen
If you had to work where there was a club, would you work in the boys club or the girls club?

If you're a student, go visit Dr. Isis's post on reading lists. I will go listen to her great advice now.

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Amanda said...

I think the girls club, but that's just because I'd hope that being female would be to my advantage. All that you've said above tends to be true. There is no "perfect" situation as no person is "perfect."