Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I think I've fallen off the edge of the earth

I know you all are just dying to know what the kerfuffle was my MIL and whats up with daycare, so I apologize for being AWOL. Its just that science calls. Remember all those matings I set up before I left for vacation? Unlike the previous mating that were set up exactly the same way, these ones actually resulted in progeny, like right away! Not a week after the male and females were put together but right away. This resulted in my arrival back into the lab being more of a dive into the deep end, which is unusual for me. Usually when I come to the lab, after a holiday, I like to decompress. As in go through email, read my lab book, remember what I am doing. Normally, I shut things down before I leave. I don't initiate things (ie matings) that are going to require action immediately upon my return. Note to self, don't do that in the future!
Actually that is not true because although I looking at having days of sitting in front of the scope for ~ 8 hours a day, it also means that I am closer to getting flies with the specific genotype I wanted, which means I am closer to valuable data. This also means little blog time - reading, writing or commenting.
But I have taken a little me time tonight just for that.
Prior to our vacation, I was getting a good portion of my blog reading time done while putting the monkey to bed. I would read him Goodnight moon (he picks up the book and says nigh nigh moon!!) and Guess how much I love you, along with some other books. He takes awhile to settle down and I get annoyed reading kiddie lit, so after a few repetitions of his faves, I read him blog posts.
On vacation and since we've been back, monkey has been falling asleep in my arms on the couch. Its nice to have the cuddle time back, but I am a bit worried about what has caused this "regression".
I'm not sure if I mentioned or not, but at the end of November (the 27th to be exact) I recieved a call that a spot was available in the on-campus childcare. The catch was that I only had 3 days to give answer. They had called me on a friday, which meant that technically I had until the wednesday to give them an answer (it would have to be 3 business days, since they are not open on weekends). In reality, I had to make the decision immediately. This is because if I wanted to have monkey join Campus Daycare, I would have to let Other Daycare know by Monday Dec 1 to avoid being double charged for January. This was stressful because the spot that monkey was given is in a pilot project. Yeah I know wonderful! The gist of the project is that Campus Daycare is evaluating if it is beneficial or no difference to have a wider age range of kids but more adults per group vs the current set up.
Currently childcare age groups are set up as 6-18months, 1 - 3 years and 3-5 years. I am not sure of the ratio of adults:kids for the 6-18 month group, but the 1-3 year olds had a ratio of 1:4 while the 3-5 have a 1:8 ratio. In the pilot project ages 1-5 would be together with a ratio of 1 adult:6 kids. The benefit of this system is that siblings can be in the same group together, kids are not having to transition between different primary care givers and the pressure to potty train before 3 is gone. Obviously as a parent I can see the benefit of my high energy child being around older kids, so much more to observe, learn and mimic. I also see the benefit of having monkey and a future sibling together. The concerns were the larger groups, the greater number of kids/adult (with respect to the 1-3 traditional group).
Initially I was not concerned about the monkey being in this pilot project as the Other
Daycare had told me about it and spoke about the research that supported the new model. So I said yes to on campus care and gave notice to the Other Daycare without actually talking to anyone that would be directly involved in monkeys care.
Remember I had 1 day to make this decision unless I wanted to pay $1000.00 at Other Daycare. That is not something I could afford.
However, at this point I was not too concerned because both my PI's and my lab manager kids went through the Campus Daycare and they had nothing but good things to say about. Plus our cousin works on Campus and has done extensive research into the childcare system. I know its one of the better ones in the province. But thats the catch. Its one of the better ones.
Other Daycare is the BEST in Western Canada.
It provides services that this one doesn't. All the food (snacks and hot lunches), cloth diapers AND they do laundry. I leave 2 full changes of clothes and they wash and dry whatever get dirty.
It also doesn't help that monkey has entered a pilot project. He is a member of the first cohort going through this model. Day-day programming was not clear at first and kinks are still being worked out, communication with parents is being worked out etc. I have no doubt the caregivers are caring, compassionate people who are great at what they do. But not having everything running like a well oiled machine has this mama bear sniffing around, asking ALOT of questions and generally making a nuisance of herself. I am "that mom". It also doesn't help that monkey clings to me, wimpers no no when we walk in and generally trys to bury himself into me. He then proceeds to scream "MOMMYEEE! NO MOMMMEEE" as I leave.
He did not do that at Other Daycare. At Other Daycare he went running in and was so excited to see his friends.
There are other minor issues (ie having to pay $$$ in addition to the monthly fees) that were not well communicated and has me peeved. Not that I mind paying more, but I wasn't informed about it. I was just told x amount of dollars were owed. That is not appropriate..see kinks being worked out....
It will be OK. He will adjust....


Juniper Shoemaker said...

Will Monkey go to preschool soon?

(Forgive me if that's a ridiculous question. I'm not a mom and it's been sooooooo long since I was that age myself that I don't know how it works anymore.)

Mimi said...

I hope everything get's worked out!

Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

I hope that they start running the day to day stuff better soon. And that your monkey adjusts to the new place soon (I'm certain that he will).

Congrats on getting the matings! That's excellent news!

Isis the Scientist said...

We've missed you SM! Daycacre has been such a source of agony for me. I think we've got Little Isis in a good place, but I constantly find myself asking if I really chose the "best" one...

The bean-mom said...

Ohhh, I'm sorry Monkey (and you) are having a tough time with daycare these days. It does sound like a good model with the wider age range, and when Monkey adjusts he'll probably love it! Here's hoping it all smooths out soon...

Nicky said...

I never realized before I had a kid exactly how much daycare issues totally suck. Hope everything works out soon!

ScientistMother said...

Juniper - monkey will not be attending preschool as he's a quality child care place that does all the similar socialization things. Preschool is normally only a couple hours a day for a couple days a week.

Mimi/Amanda - thanks for the good wishes

Isis / Bean-mom / Nicky- Daycare is such an agony. monkey had a really good day today. He didn't cry at all when we got there. Actually he went running to a lovey blond haired girl, probably around 3.5 years old. She was totally fawning over him and he lapped it up! I am starting to feel better now that he is feeling better, but it was such a hard decision so many pros and cons!