Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not really enjoying the quiet

I did enjoy the quiet for my coffee and movie, but then I went to costco and there were moms with their kids. I wanted my kid. I came home to no-one. I want my kid.I love that my parents take him and spend time with him. Its good for monkey, but I can only take a couple hours without him. How sad is that?


Melanie said...

Want mine? That'd fill the silence... ;)

n/a said...

*chuckle* I feel the same way about my darling daughter. She's 14 months now, and for the first time, I left her with my mother for a date with my husband (the 3rd ever!) without guilt.

Candid Engineer said...

Hmm, as someone without children, it's hard for me to understand that one. :) I'd need a break every now and again! But it's sweet that you miss your little one.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Hello! Here are your interview questions.

1) You changed labs recently. Any regrets?

2) When Monkey is old enough, will you show him the posts you've written about him? (Some of them are just so adorable!)

3) Describe your perfect weekend?

4) What you would be doing if you hadn't gone into science?

5) When are we going for a beer?

The bean-mom said...

Scientistmother, this happens to me almost every time I leave the kids, too. Husband and I go out for shopping or a restaurant and the place will be filled with cute kids (it says something about our city that even fairly nice, upscale restaurants will often have kids at dinner. Or maybe it says something about the places we eat at... Oh, hell, I haven't been on a date in *forever*.)

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