Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank you Bean-MOM!

OK seriously people, I know I brain farted on my last post. But can you blame me, I'm running on empty here. Sick child for a week, followed by the first week back to school which included monkey transitioning into his new daycare on campus AND TWO birthday dinners for him, (explanation for the midweek & weekend party thanks to MIL to be told later.)
This week, as mentioned very incoherently, I am in a mad dash to organize my science so that my fly crossings are not ruined while I am gone (as in the progeny do not come out & mate with each other). I know! I did not explain this very clearly due to the whole mad dashing and running on empty thing.
So I get that you were confused. I do really. I had 5 minutes to publish a post and a whole bunch of stuff I need to get off the chest have you not noticed the references to major MIL annoyance? I haven't even started on the whole daycare debacle. Trust me, that is something I need to take time to write about. None of these things will get written about until I am on vacation. I just, who know, wanted give you a heads up. Again I apologize the incoherent post. But did you not get the last bullet / sentence??

The monkey said momeee mommee I bab bu!

Is BeanMom the only one who noticed or the only one that knew what he was trying to say? People he's 2 and he's saying I bab bu!!!!! If you need some context he says while giving me kisses!!! Melt my heart I tell you. melts my heart.


Anonymous said...

"Momeee mommee I bab bu!" requires no translation. As my mother would say, it warms the cockles of my heart. I only neglected to comment on the gorgeousness of the monkey, because I failed to read yesterday.

And, on the MIL front - I can only offer my empathy. I feel your pain, but I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to maim them. I think.

Hang in there, and enjoy the skiing!

Mimi said...

I hope the MIL issues sort themselves out. How cute is that! Your little monkey is adorable! Please relax on your vacation. And honestly, I didn't read anything much yesterday.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

See, I didn't know that was unusual fora 2 year old ;)

chall said...

oh... cute! :)

I read the other post but stuck on the RBOC and virgins so my attention span was apparently not that high. sorry.

MILs... and FILs... are another thing. I look forward hearing/reading the vent. Altough, I think it mighth be "same old" as in "nothing you do is good enough" and/or "nothing you do is right" or (my personal favourite) "well, you wouldn't know, since you are X/Y/Z" and then neding it with askking the son "didn't you tell her that?"... then again, I might be too pessimistic?!

JLK said...

I thought that's what you might have been asking in the previous post, but it started with how you had no idea what RBOC meant, so that's what I thought you might have been referring to at the end.

I agree with anonymous that no translation of that is needed! You know exactly what's being said! :)